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Laser Cutting

Fully Automated Metal Sheet Cutting


Hydraulic Press Brakes

Complete Fabrication

This product line displays precision manufacturing from aluminum extrusions.

From lineal extrusions, we produce the most accurate frame fitments in the building products market today. This requires cut to length, staking, keying, bending, robot welding, machining, painting, and packaging. All while improving our customer required tolerances by 50%. 

Robot Welding

Precision Fabrication

PT Metals produces highly engineered formed, fabricated and assembled components to the fuel dispensing and storage industries that have no room for error. Every component is inspected and tested at every stage of production to ensure defect-free performance.


Innovative Products

Ideas that start from scratch

PT Metals, LLC provides a wide range of products to meet the needs of every customer. From initial design to final quality assurance processes, we make sure our goods are reliable and exceptional. Get in touch to see how you can benefit from our products.

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